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Project: upcoming Titan Games
Project Started: 19th December, 2003 Last Update: 19th December, 2003
Project Owner: Dr. James MD Project Members:
Project Type: Misc Project Progress:

Project Overview  
i have a few games coming out in the next few months so i might as well document them!

--=Titan Genesis=--

The sequel to Titan Exodus, my first ever scrolling 'shmup. A huge improvement over the original game. You shoot enemies, get points, die, spend points in shop. just realized its quite similar to U.N. Squadron on the Amiga! but without lives


a dramatic storyline
7 gigantic levels (biggest being 10000px, no exhaduration!)
70 craft add ons
5 playable crafts
3 game modes: Acrade (no shop, pick up weapons instead. has 4 ranging difficulties), Regular (shop, but with basic weapons) and Ballistic (insane weapons with harder enemies)
4 players if need be for story and basic gameplay info. Will also have screenies once i take them
basically if click-shmups were hollywood actors, this would be big ol' Arny

estimated release: Spring 2004


The finished version of a demo i uploaded here not too long ago. Its a weird game inwhich you control a range of characters, with affecting stats, too catch chickens. Based on a true story too which is revealed in Story Mode

total of 30 easy levels...
... and for hardcore people theres 30 extra hard levels
6 themed worlds
original MOD soundtrack (not in demo)
many characters
2 game modes; Arcade and Story (early levels act as practice levels)

im very excited with this project as its had quite good feedback, and not only on DC either. Estimated release: in the last few days of 2003!

--=Run Like Hell=--

The name will change. never knew it already existed!
well its similar to Chu Chu Rocket only theres just one person/thing on screen. you bascially have to set yourself on fire, then run through obstacles, put yourself out, then get to the exit! quite a mad little puzzle/action game but it probably wont get finished. well, not for a while.

--=Samurai MK2=--

uses everything from Samurai (released here) except with a TOTALLY different fighting engine. instead of 'rock, paper, scissors' the game now takes form of an ATB RPG battle system. each character has a selection of moves inwhich to defeat his enemies. MUCHLY improved gameplay over the previous Samurai game. estimated release: Spring/Summer 2004

--=Super Swordman!=--

Japanese inspired flying game. Like Hired Gun/Titan Genesis but you play as a little robot guy who uses a sword too destroy enemies with. mad little game, only done a bit of art on it. HOPEFULLY ill finish this one! estimated release: god knows!

--=Titan Exodus Alpha=--

completely updated version of my old game Titan Exodus. features new graphics, new weapons but using the same formula seen in TE1= keep it simple! estimated release: early 2004

...and thank you. was it worth writing all this? probably not

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