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Project: Ninjaman Hachiro
Project Started: 16th January, 2004 Last Update: 16th January, 2004
Project Owner: Dr. James MD Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Project Progress:

Project Overview  
To get things rolling i have uploaded a video of this game at (1.2mb)

Its a kind of an RPG/Platform Adventure in the same league as Metroid/Turrican. With huge levels linked by a map, which also acts like a level. as seen in the Metroid games.

anyways! you are Hachiro, the 8th born son of a god. All was good until his brothers turned evil. You must find all Hachiro's brothers and destroy them. The story isnt important, what is however, is the combat. Your weapon of choice is a sword, meaning hand to hand is needed. Bullets can be fired back and lasers are reflected and require fast and accurate reflexes to stay alive. The game is fast action with slow and peaceful surroundings. Probably will be my best platformer to date.

The game also has a level-up system. killing earns EXP points, EXP points -when at a certain figure- cause a level up. This is how moves are unlocked. so far the game supports;

-Ball! This is more like Turrican than Metroid; the ball always moves in one direction and cannot jump.
-Jet! The ability to fly when needed
-Swimming! at the start you can only dive for so long, but once you get an item/level you can stay underwater forever.
-Uppercut! very powerful sword attack

they are activated every 5 or so levels. stats, like health, power etc are updated every level.

If you saw the vid, im using a very unusual graphics style. its like Cel Shading, but 'extreme' i suppose. especially in such a small character.

Also, going off how much all my mates play Halo together, im going for a huge (non-internet based) multiplayer side to it too. There will be a deathmatch mode and co-op stuff in there.

The engine is almost finished. within a few days it will be done, then onto the levels and each individual design. Probably take a month or 2.

any questions/comments on the vid or anythin?

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