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Project: Titan Genesis
Project Started: 1st February, 2004 Last Update: 1st February, 2004
Project Owner: Dr. James MD Project Members:
Project Type: Shoot 'em up Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Another vid; this time at 2.09mb

Ill start at the beginning; basically Titan Genesis is a side scrolling shooter in the same family as R-Type and co. You start off on a level, shoot bad guys to gain points, die, go to the shop, upgrade craft, continue. Simple! But very difficult and big.
Titan Genesis is a muchly better prequel to Titan Exodus, a game i released about 18 months ago. TG explains the story behind Exodus and its quite epic and scary too.

Im not gonna tell the story as it plays a major part in the game but i can give you some figures to chew over;

8 epic levels. The level sizes are 7000px at the shortest and 10000px at the most.
5 Player crafts to chose from.
4 player multiplay
70 weapon upgrades... compared to the 14 in the original!
Save feature. Exodus didnt support saving.

and generally its a roller coaster ride of explosions and stuff. Have a look at the vid it explains everything WAY more than the screenshots do.

I hope you enjoy it

ps. A mate of mine is making Titan Exodus 2. these are totally different games

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