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Project: Upcoming trilogy!
Project Started: 20th February, 2004 Last Update: 20th February, 2004
Project Owner: Dr. James MD Project Members:
Project Type: Misc Project Progress:

Project Overview  
An update for people following Ninjaman Hachiro, Titan Exodus Alpha and (unheard of here) a new game im making called 72. This is basically just a trailer of all 3 of them games rolled into one. It lasts just a mere 30 seconds but thats all i can do. Tis really a college project disguised as a game trailer.

anyways, sit back, get some snacks, shout out "down in front!" and enjoy. (2.5mb)

Titan Exodus Alpha:
NinjaMan Hachiro:
72 Dosnt have a previews page as it will be finished very soon. Its a platformer starring a kirby-esque character, a mate described it as Milber with a mullet. Cuz im too busy with college a real 3 day long project wouldnt be easy to do so i built a timer app to count up. Production stops at 72 hours.

Backing song was a flip between Junior Senior- Rhythm Bandits and Daft Punk. But! if you turn your speakers down/off you can just about hear a bird humming in the distance.

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