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Project: Titan Omega Revelations
Project Started: 12th August, 2004 Last Update: 12th August, 2004
Project Owner: Dr. James MD Project Members:
Project Type: Shoot 'em up Project Progress:

Project Overview  
reposted because i cant edit previews dammit.

TOR1.5 is a vast improvement on the original, yep you can actually finish this one! it features:

+ Health
+ New levels, bosses, intro, cutscenes and ending
+ All known bugs killed, violently
+ Huge Team improvement. Much more smarter and agressive. Team shop and team command too. They even respawn now!
+ Ingame Ship modification; Assault is normal, Warship allows for powerful weapons but slows ship down, Stream doubles ship speed but physical weapons go.
+ All difficulties available from start
+ Unlockables (durr!)
+ Speed boost/brake
+ Faster scrolling anyways for a much stronger arcade feel
+ Minigame modes. unlockable little game modes for the fanatics who just have to have the fastest completion time
+ supports 4 button controller quite nicely
+ more sense

and probably a lot more i cant think of at almost 1am

And with all that writing are your brains wanting something to do? well brains look no further; and at a measly 1.28mb even the anorexic dial up users [me included] can view it. pity its only short.


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