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Project: Mr Stump's Dentures 2: Tooth Decay
Project Started: 27th September, 2004 Last Update: 27th September, 2004
Project Owner: The Chris Street Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Project Progress:

Project Overview  
The sequel to Mr Stump's Dentures is now in the works. I've been working on it since late March of 2004, but haven't previewed it here until now because I wasn't sure if I really wanted to finish. At the time I was on the verge of quitting the community, but I really want to better the original. I'm hoping that I'll achieve that by the time the game comes out - and then I may retire

It is one hundred years since Mr Stump regained his dentures. The world is more or less the same as when we last saw it, but obviously Mr Stump isn't around anymore. However, his decendant is. His name is also Mr Stump, and he has a pet known as Alfie.

Mr Stump is a poor individual. This bird-like creature is the only means of transport for our hero. Yet Mr Stump and Alfie share a very close bond. Maybe Alfie is drawn to the priceless set of dentures which are always kept in Mr Stump's pocket, handed down from generation to generation.

One day, Mr Stump was returning from the local shop, with a sack of birdseed for his feathered friend, when all of a sudden, a ship appeared from out of the sky. Two mechanical arms opened up from its giant belly, reached down and grabbed both pet and owner. Seconds later, the flying ship continued its journey to places unknown.

Inside the ship, Mr Stump was seperated from Alfie and both were placed into different cells. After a few hours, an evil looking, almost rat-faced bully appeared, called Spike, and stole the dentures from Mr Stump's pocket, before laughing out loud. "Ha ha ha! The dentures are now mine! The Tooth God will awaken and I will gradually gain his powers! Ha ha ha!" And with that, the cell door slammed shut, and the rat-faced Spike trotted down the passageway, his footsteps fading with every step.

All of a sudden, a creaking could be heard. Mr Stump looked up, and saw that the ceiling was closing down upon him... Is his adventure over even before it starts?!


MSD2 will be crammed full of features and extras, but you have to earn them! There'll be two main modes: Story and Challenge. Story mode is the main platformer. Cut-scenes will show the story as it gradually unfolds, and Challenge mode will be inaccessable until the main story is completed. Once it is, you'll be able to replay any level you wish and get as high a score as possible. Things will be unlocked this way... but it won't be as easy as you think


~Hugely improved platform engine
~Advanced parallax scrolling
~Improved presentation and graphics
~A much fairer challenge
~The ability to run
~More special effects
~Less hideous sound effects
~Larger, less linear levels
~Special levels which deviate from the standard platforming
~Proper save feature
~Original music
~Secrets aplenty!
~A more serious platformer than the first
~Maybe another multiplayer mode

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