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Project: Dc Ninja
Project Started: 30th December, 2004 Last Update: 30th December, 2004
Project Owner: Rikus Project Members:
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Project Overview  
Hi there folks. What a preview by Rikus wtf?

I had a 3 week gap of free time during christmas because i am starting a new job in january, since our baby will be born in April, i was thinking to myself if i ever want to create another game i have to do it now, i am almost certain that this will be the last game i make for a long time, if ever.

Anyhow the game is called: DC-Ninja

In the game all the admins of the daily click are captured by "The Evil Clicker". Back at the dc head office in Japan, a Ninja warrior in service of the dc is put on the job to free all the admins so that the dc can be updated once more.

How is that for a story? Because of the time limit i could not make original graphics for the game, some of you might disregard the game because of this, but i think the sprites fit what i had in mind perfectly and the gameplay does not suffer from it.

The gameplay is a action/beat'm up game, like the old turtles in time and double dragon games on the snes. Its been years since i created a game and it was a joy making a new game again. The game also features cameo's from some of my old games like eggit and mr ball, so keep your eye out on those

I don't want to spoil to much but the game is 98% done, and will be released next week (For the people who know me well its been hard for me not hyping this thing up But i wanted it to be a surprise.

This game was created for all the daily click visitors out there, i don't know how well the game will do but i had a blast making it so i hope you guys enjoy it, see you all next week

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