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Project: Venture
Project Started: 17th June, 2005 Last Update: 17th June, 2005
Project Owner: Jon Lambert Project Members:
Project Type: RPG Project Progress:

Project Overview  
This is my online RPG I'm working on right now. It's called Venture.It doesn't really have a storyline, but I could think of one if I wanted to.
In Venture you can:

-Be a Ninja,Monk,Sumo,Wizard,Warrior,Gunsman,Psychic, or a Wrestler
-Travel across space, with 5 planets each having 4-7 continents
-Gain over 45 different skills,weapons, and shields
-Join teams of up to six people, and play your own missions
-3 time periods,past,present,and future
-The different time periods and what happens in each affects gameplay
-Remix time to go to the pure beginning, before anyone messed with it
-Cool down with your own house, and play at the arcade

I've currently only got the ninja ready, but the project is coming along nicely. I'm having some issues with things here and there, but the game shouldn't be delayed too much. When it is done, I'll also be having expansions going out.

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