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Project: The New Satan Sam
Project Started: 23rd August, 2005 Last Update: 23rd August, 2005
Project Owner: Dr. James MD Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Project Progress:

Project Overview  
gather round and let me tell you a story...
A few months back now a random guy sent me an email asking me to finish off Satan Sam 1 before working on 2. and you know what? he was right, and i did. or am.

I've been working on this in half-secrecy for the last few months. Currently I'm at 50% but obviously its a rough guess, running off how many levels are done and how many will be there.

and points from the minisite;

-122 levels, 9 worlds, 9 big bosses.
-Map system for replaying levels
-Support for 2 players (Co-op)
-Full MP3 soundtrack composed by myself (which includes the trailer music, btw)
-A selection of vehicles and weapons which can all be mixed together for more powerful combinations.
-Rock solid platform engine
-Support for 4 save files
-Adaptive AI
-Unlockable secrets and weapons
-Lush detailed worlds to explore, each world bringing new challenges
-Emphasis on old-skool gameplay

But here! have a trailer. OR if you have the windows Quicktime 7 demo <<just 1Mb bigger but the video quality is amazing.

and the site

Could be out in 2005. Im working full steam ahead on it now, but uni starts up again next month. so i'd bet on early 2006.

so i guess i've finally announced it. back to work

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