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Project: The New Satan Sam
Project Started: 2nd January, 2006 Last Update: 2nd January, 2006
Project Owner: Dr. James MD Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Aye you probably know about it by now. I'm working on a platform game, the first real finished Satan Sam game. finally!

The game features a generous 120 levels of platform action spread over 9 luscious worlds of magic and that. Each world has its own boss, even the weeny 5 level worlds. All levels are linked via a big chunky map so you can backtrack for the extra secrets and bits like that.

You'll be able to pick up and use a range of weapons or powers, most of which can be combined for a chaotic rampage. There are 4 powers/weapons shown in the trailer; Ki Powers, Fire Power, a Sword (Elliot) and a Rocket Launcher.

Gameplay wise its a messy one.

Theres a multiplayer too! A sidekick co-op character, think Tails but with a rocket launcher and bomb thrower strapped to his back. Either the computer will take over it or another player if you want, or Player 1 can ride it.

I'm partially focused on the soundtrack this time around. I composed the whole thing myself which took a while but its exactly how I wanted it. This bumps up the game too. the soundtrack alone is 20mb. It's quite unique- floating somewhere around Huelsbecks electro style but with a slight orchestral flavour.

Right now it's in the beta stage. The game itself is complete, just sorting out bugs, adding more backgrounds, finalising the soundtrack etc. So really it shouldn't be long now. It might be a while though, my laptops in a bad state and it's going to need a format and all that.

Oh and the gameplay trailer... incase you missed it. (30mb) (10mb)
and the old teaser trailer.

I think thats it... sorry that this is the 2nd preview and all, the powers should be should add a preview edit button or something! perhaps. nah.

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