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Project: Mr Stump's Dentures 2
Project Started: 12th August, 2006 Last Update: 12th August, 2006
Project Owner: The Chris Street Project Members:
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Project Overview  
Mr Stump's Dentures 2 has been my biggest project so far to date. Development time has spanned since March of 2004, just after the first game was released. Since then, it has been scrapped and restarted twice as I wasn't happy with the way the game was turning out. Additionally my coding has improved since I first started it and I've learned new techniques which have been implemented.

The storyline hasn't been completely confirmed yet, or properly animated. In fact it's a completely nonsensical story, but here's what is likely to happen:


There was once a nasty person called Dr Braceface. Although he has the title of a doctor, he is in fact a National Health Service dentist. A very angry, bitter, underpaid dentist. He runs his own practice, but nobody visits it, as he is exceptionally incompetent. Other dentists on the NHS do a much better job, and thus get more customers.

One day, Dr Braceface is sitting at his desk, sifting through the mail. His morning newspaper arrives too, and the "good" dentist takes a glance at the main headlines. A picture of our hero, Mr Stump, is on the front page, and beside that, an article detailing his amazing adventures into his own mouth. An article detailing his heroism, saving the world from the potential extraction, from the dentures, of the Tooth God.

Suddenly, Dr Braceface has an idea.

He decides to try and extract the Tooth God himself, from the dentures. Surely it can't be difficult? Surely it can be done in the same way that a filling is extracted from a tooth? If he frees the Tooth God, then maybe he will grant him his one true wish. His desire to be the sole dentist on the planet, by removing all the others from the face of the Earth. If this happens, then everybody will flock to his dental surgery! He'll be rich! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *ahem*

Of course, there is a problem. He doesn't actually have the dentures yet... but surely if Mr Stump were to, say, start a new platform game, he could rob him after the first boss battle?


MSD2 features a completely revamped platform engine. It features bigger, bolder, better graphics. Original music composed by myself is also there. Inverted gravity. Swimming. A fair challenge - if you ever played the first game, you'll have realised how hard it is. MSD2 is easier, fairer - helped by the three slot save system. Of course, if you have more than three people in your home you're going to have arguments. But hey! What do I care?

The game will feature an unconfirmed number of levels (about 6-8 hopefully at least). Each will have three stages. The third stage will be somewhat different to the previous two, thus adding a bit of variety in case you get bored. For example, the third stage in the first level will be played completely upside down. And then there are the boss fights. They are fairer than before, easier to hit, and should be more fun. Additionally to all of this, in each stage is a hidden Stumpy Statue. Collect all three statues in each level, beat the boss, and you'll gain access to a Bonus Stage, full of wonder, colour, lots of collectables and more importantly, an objective. Such as, for instance, the chance to pick up an extra life - or just maybe, a cheat. Hey, prizes have to be earned!

Although I haven't started on it, there will also be included - much like the first game - a split screen multiplayer game, with original levels that aren't in the main story. This is solely to give those who haven't finished the game an equal chance, and it won't spoil the game for them either. I haven't quite decided how the multiplayer will work. It won't be online, and it could well feature a variety of different modes.

It should also be noted that the intention behind MSD2 has been to create a pick-up-and-play platformer. No fuss, no hassle. Although there is a scoring system, it really doesn't get any more complicated. Don't expect lots of special moves such as backflips or three-punch combos. You won't get them here, look elsewhere if that's what you're into. MSD2 is being designed in mind so that anybody can play it - a no frills platformer that hopefully will do quite well when it is eventually released.

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