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Project: Supar Dupar Bouncy Guy
Project Started: 20th May, 2002 Last Update: 20th May, 2002
Project Owner: The Chris Street Project Members:
Project Type: Arcade Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Ok, this is meant to be a clone of Leap Frog, by V-Real, and basically you have to collect all the sweets in each arena to pass through to the next stage.

However, there are a few problems: Firstly, the later levels will have fiendish designs which will test your ability not to throw a temper tantrum, and theres a new feature which Leap Frog did not have: You control a guy on a pogo stick which has a limited bounce capacity. You are only allowed to bounce a certain number of times; exceed that number, and you lose a life.

This game will also (hopefully) come with a level editor, and I know it looks...well, not very good, but it is fun. Anyhows, its coming soon. Really soon.

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