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Project: Combo Block Bomber : RUSH
Project Started: 25th May, 2007 Last Update: 6th November, 2007
Project Owner: Knudde (Shab) Project Members:
Project Type: Puzzle Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Combo Block Block Bomber : Rush is the semi sequel to my first original (and apparently very addictive) puzzle game Combo Block Bomber which despite being horribly ugly, somewhat buggy, and very rushed; managed to end up getting into Level and a few other gaming magazines in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Turkey.

I've spent considerable effort and time to make sure that Combo Block Bomber: RUSH rectifies all the problems of the original. The first blatently obvious difference is that RUSH is a whole lot prettier than it's predecessor.

I've also changed the focus of the game, while the original went with a level based approach that felt forced at best; RUSH takes the form of a Time Attack. Bombed blocks regenerate after a short amount of time, and if you manage to bomb enough blocks in a combo, you'll be awarded some bonus time. (That's the funky meter at the top - Thanks to Jimbob for the idea)

Highscore will again provided the competetive basis for the game, enhanced by the Ectoprods Arcade online highscore system. (Thanks to Flava)

The game has already been tested extensively, and the only things to be added/changed is possibly the layout of the interface a bit (Score should be more prominant), and the prettifying of the graphics (specifically fonts and special/interface effects). All game essential coding is complete and bug free.

Thanks to input from DavidN of admin, Crystal Towers, Special Agent fame, I've also made a tile set featuring shapes to help those with color blindness; something I had never really considered before, but will in the future!

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