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Project: Lylian: Episode 1
Project Started: 18th October, 2009 Last Update: 16th December, 2010
Project Owner: Robert Dowling Project Members:
Project Type: Sidescrolling, action/adventure game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Lylian is a 2D side scroller action game initially for the PC. The player controls Lylian's imagination which can change the world and its inhabitants. With unique attack abilities, humorous enemies and original bosses, the game is a mix of fast action set by a storyline with great pacing in beautifully rendered environments - It brings something fresh to the genre.

NEW info: The Game will be distributed in episodes, and although an arcade style of play will also be available, with a cooperative mode of up to 4 players planned. This option won't be available until the third episode is released.

Final video of Intro and Gameplay footage

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2 17 Grats?
By: Robert Dowling
On: 9th Sep 10, 15:16:51
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Demo Available
Posted 16th Dec 10, by Robert Dowling 4 Comments
Admittedly the demo is short. But the episode is an episode and therefore is quite short too.

But yes, a Demo is available! And you can download it from here:
Ep1 is complete!
Posted 28th Nov 10, by Robert Dowling 8 Comments
Wasn't sure I'd see it, but the game is finished. Apart from the localisation that a few awesome people are doing for the game. They will be offered as patches when they become available. The game is ready to go.

In a few days it will be available directly from, also Gamersgate and GameArena (still fishing for more distributors).

Lots of people have heard about the game now. Just recently it's been placed here:

There's even been a full page interviews in printed magazines like Australia's PCPowerPlay and Russia's Igromania.

Not to mention many blogs and The Daily Click's very own Klikcast!

Once it is out, I'll be taking a break for a little while. Then releasing a demo of the game (creating a level specifically for the demo).

I just want to say thanks to the daily and clickteam community for everyone's help and support! I'm both excited and nervous to see it out there.
Intro and game-play for viewing pleasure!
Posted 23rd Nov 10, by Robert Dowling 4 Comments
Hi all. This is almost it. The intro is complete and currently a few little tweaks are going on in the game.

Please take a moment to view the new video above, and hang around for the in-game footage after the intro plays through.
Off by "This much".
Posted 5th Nov 10, by Robert Dowling 2 Comments
Safe to say the game is pretty much complete. There's a few sounds to fix (literally about 3) and 3 placeholder illustrations.

Of course a few more bug searching runs won't go astray.

Really the only thing slowing down the release is the intro and outro animations that are currently being created.

I did the "teaser trailer" on a weekend and these intro/outros aren't much longer. I've spent a little over a week prepping these cinematics and still need to animate them. I reckon 2 more weeks and they'll be done.

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