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Project: Fishhead 3D (working title)
Project Started: 21st March, 2010 Last Update: 9th November, 2010
Project Owner: Hayo Project Members: Jenswa ~Matt Esch~
Project Type: Game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview There is only one kind of 3D I like, and that's really simple 3D. Fishhead 3D (I will come up with a better name soon) just uses blocks and real small textures, no effects. If everything turns out right this will be a 3D version of the older Fishhead games.

The main engine (Stone Goose) was made by Matt Esch, using some of the Opengl extensions currently being developed by Min (check the clickteam boards for more information on that, it's awesome). Helping me with maths problems are Johan Jansen, Sander van Reek and some kind folks in this community.

The game runs in a resolution of 400x256 (vintage widescreen) because I like low resolutions.

Expected release: early 2011

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By: X-Member1225
On: 15th Dec 10, 19:42:17
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Some technical notes
Posted 9th Nov 10, by Hayo 15 Comments
As we are about to see the first release of Matts Stone Goose OpenGL engine, here some explanations of how you work with this engine. Please note this is not final, some things will change, some things will be added.

First of all, this is how the real game looks:

We see a topdown map. This is were all your trusty 2D MMF coding goes. There are actives and backdrops, so nothing new there.

What the player gets to see is a 3D projection in an OpenGL window:

Now for this game I choose to just not use 90% of what OpenGL can do, because I really do not like modern game graphics. It is possible to use lighting, filters, fog and so on. I also chose not to use models because I am lazy, and with the excuse it adds to the retro look.

Every object has slots to map textures on faces. Two examples are:

Because I chose to shade by hand I made 3 versions of each texture. A normal one, a light one and a dark one. Map them on a cube in the right way and it looks like a shaded and textured cube.

Most of the active objects in this game are sprites. Or actually they look like sprites. Here it's just a case of drawing them from different sides, the engine does the rest.

Much, much more is possible with this engine though. This is just a simple example.
Posted 5th Nov 10, by Hayo 6 Comments

Just a short video of how the game looks now. To keep updated on the Stone Goose OpenGL project, go here:
I don't really know what to say
Posted 29th Sep 10, by Hayo 10 Comments
I "lost contact" with Matt and I don't have a clue what is going to happen to this project. The engine is currently in a state in which I am not in the position to edit anything. I am blue, I am pissed and I am sorry.
I owe you an explanation.
Posted 3rd Aug 10, by Hayo 8 Comments
No updates for a long time. I will tell you why.

In the last few months my friend Matt Esch has picked up his kind of primitive engine for this game to make it really, really awesome. Still based on the OpenGL extensions by Min, Matt has been developing additional extensions that together form a real nice and stable way to make 3D games in MMF2. This game is his guinea pig.

The plan is to release an open source version of this game (or at least one level), together with the bundle of extensions that will go by the name Stone Goose OpenGL Engine.

As several parts of this game have to be reworked to fit the new engine and make use of its features, progress has been set back a bit.

In other news, the previous version of Fishhead Blueprint will be raided for graphics to use in this game.

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