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Review: File Lister v 1.0
Author: DeadmanDines
Added: 20/09/2002

Since this is an application, I've taken the liverty of changing the 'gameplay' score to reflect ease of use instead.

Graphically, I think this app's very nice. I like the logo on the bottom right, and generally it's a nice and compact program.

Ease of use (represented by the 'Gameplay' score): Very nice, simple to use, contains a readme file, but you don't really need it.

Points for consideration: Just a few suggestions here. Try maybe making it so the user can type into the box at the top where the folder address is located. Just a bit quicker if the folder you want isn't very far from the hard disk's root. Also, just a teensy bug: When the player saves their list, typing in "name" without an extension saves the file with no extension. Try setting 'default extension' to 'txt', and it should fix this i think.

Really, I think this program would only be useful in very specific circumstances (as the author mentioned, numbering the mp3 files in a folder as a playlist), but for those few circumstances I think it would be very good, and perform what's required of it well. No real bugs that I can see, nothing overly bad.

All in all, good job, I say!


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