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Review: Dark War II
Author: Beau
Added: 20/09/2002

You want action? Well, now you have it! This is a suberb example of an action game. It has a learning curve which is just right. An excellent control scheme which is easy to manipulate. An excellent assortment of weapons, each varying in power, range, rate of fire, clip size, ammo total, reload time, and knockback. Yes siree, it has it all.

The graphics in this game are good. It uses simple 3D models combined with some spriting to give us an excellent environment to destroy. The 'Dark' theme is upheld well with the selected color schemes and most of the templates look good. The presentation is even better. Each menu is thought out well and has a very good feel to it. If you want to buy a weapon, you pick it up and drag it to the selected spot you want to carry it in. Works and looks great.

The sound is kind of crappy in this game: absolutly the worst part. The music is alright, but not very motivating. When I was playing the game at school with no sound, I almost liked it better. The sound effects are mostly from the klik libraries, and there are a couple other sounds, but it could benefit greatly from an overhaul.

Now for the gameplay; the most important part of any game. This game brings back the life of Gunner 3 and adds some. While Gunner 3 had exploration to power it, this game features raw, unadultrated action. Blue Skull certainly has their shit together. There are some minor flaws, don't kid yourself, but they are easily overlookable in the face of gun blazin goodness. The cave levels suck. They are hard to see in and include spike pits which steal your good kills and kill you a lot, too. The low ceilings in them lead to some minor bugs and frustration with the otherwise wonderul movement. The enemy variety is a bit limited later in the game. Mass amounts of enemies make the game enthralling, but when you are only blasting the same 4 guys over and over, it gets old after ahwile. The weapon variety is great, but a few of the weapons don't stack up right. I'd take my semi-auto shotgun over the flame thrower any day. The fact you only get money from the Orc guys and if they don't explode is a bit restrictive. I'd say you should get bonus money if you do blow them up, and maybe more enemies should cough up the cash.

Lastability wise, this game performs average. I am still playing it like a machine right now, but the repetitive enemies and missions are beginning to wear on me. 2 player mode adds a lot if you have a buddy, but some more variety would help.

Overall, a great game which shouldn't be dismissed by anyone. One of the finest displays of click game I have seen in awhile. Hm...I wish there was an 8.5, but I'll round up for violence's sake.


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