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Review: Realms Of Destiny DEMO
Author: Ashman
Added: 21/09/2002

This is a klik rpg, something I really like seeing. I'm desperate to see a really good one, but this one isn't too bad either.

*** Gameplay ***
Fun. Wander around as a wierd looking little guy, slicing up blobs and blowing up things. What more could you ask for. A little buggy but nothing you can't live with. Good Work here.

*** Graphics ***
The low point of the game but these graphics are definantly passable. I see a mix of original & ripped graphics in there (which I usually don't like but I didn't mind here). The main sprite has some good and some bad animations. Backgrounds leave a fair bit to be desired. Far to squared off at the base of buildings, caves, trees, mountains etc. Average here.

*** Lastability ***
I like RPG's very much so I will muck around with this for a while. Pretty fun, but kinda short. It is only a demo of course.

*** Overall ***
An above average Klik RPG but still no-where near what it could have been. Keep trying. But it's worth the download.

*** Possible Improvements ***
Custom 8-way movement to eliminate buggy bouncing
Stop Blobs going into Backdrop if scrolled off.
Much improved graphics
Less ear damaging midis.


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