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Review: Space Girl
Author: Shen
Added: 22/09/2002

This is quite a fun Vitalize game. You are Space Girl, and you must jump on platforms to survive. When you jump on a platform, it sinks back down again, so you have to be quick! This game can be very hard. I think the creation of the platforms is random, so sometimes it can be a bit unfair. You do have rocket fuel, but it doesn't keep you up for long and you don't use it much. I didn't anyway.

The grapics are good, the music's OK, the sounds suit the game. The gameplay isn't overly complicated, and I played it again and again till I got on the scoreboard - 3rd place at time of writing

Anyway, this is a good way to pass your time. Most people may not want to play it again, but it proves that good games don't have to take two years to make


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