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Review: BrickKill 3
Author: Strange Culture
Added: 09/10/2002

Anyone who creates a triloy of a game deserves at least 1 review so ive choosen the best of the three games. Brickill 1 & 2 were put simple not very good even for a pong game so i was not expecting anything special with the third game in the trilogy.

Presentation: As pong games go its not that bad. There was a lack of motion on the screen, no animations everything was just static which was a bit of a let down. Also the menu seemed a little bit too plain. Playing this game for longer than 5 minutes got depressing.

Gameplay: Again as pong games go not that bad although the ball has a random bounce event and you have no control of its direction which makes it hard getting those last few bricks and makes the game drag out longer. The ball was also too small and sometimes very hard to see against the back ground even more so when the ball starts to speed up. There are no powers ups of any kind or hazards or even a 2 player option. the levels change but not by much and becomes boaring after the first few levels. Maybe the best feature in the game is the level editor which is well made and shows the programmer does have skill. But a level editor in game which isent all that good is about as much good as a chocolate fire guard.

SFX: In a way the game was made around the music. Great music which overshadows the gameplay. Its almost asif the programmer made this game just so he would have an excuse to put some great music to it.

Lastability: 10 minutes at the most. It would hard to go through all of the levels as they are basicly all the same apart from the location of the bricks and although the level editor is always a cool feature it still cant save this game.

Overall: The Brickill trilogy is probebly the least downloaded trilogy ever and its not surprising. Brickill 3 offers very little than the first 2 did. Pong fans will like it and it could be used as a good example for newbies but there are far better bat and ball games out there. My verdict is go and download Eggys cool Bouncing Ball game instead.


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