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Review: Smidgets X
Author: DarrenMcLeod
Added: 09/10/2002

Another attempt at a Smash TV style game made in click. Another attempt by Circy. Yet another Smidgets game that could've been so much more.

The problem with making a clone of a game that has already been cloned in click is that you will always be compared to it, especially if it is better. And, of course, in Smidgets case, it can't quite compare to either Factor X or Destruction Carnival, in both graphics and gameplay.

Now for the must-have breakdown of the game.

Graphics: The graphics in the game are a mixed bag. If it hadn't been for the fact that Circy has done this style for every game he's done recently, I'd think of them as above average graphics. However, in my opinion, this style has worn it's welcome in the click community. The thick border and no detail stylings aren't eye pleasing. I also would like to point out that animations are basically non-existant.

Sound: Average. Nothing that'll blow your mind away, nothing that is terrible.

Gameplay: The most important thing in a game, and it's unfortunately lacking. The game features a main mode, and then some small bonuses, like a slot machine. The gameplay features several powerups, but most aren't too big of differences on the main weapon. You get a rapid fire gun, a wider shooting gun, a flamethrower, etc. As you go through the levels, you also meet new enemie. While this is all great, the problem is that there isn't enough of it. I found the game to get very repetitive, for some reason... which is odd because i didn't get that feeling from FX or DC.

Overall, it's an average game. I'd recommned you download it if you are dying for another overhead shooter, but you probably have played enough that you don't need it. Some things you could improve Circy are to add animations, detail, and things that the other guys don't have, like a multiplayer mode, powerups that don't just affect the weapons, or other things to keep the gamer entertained.


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