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Review: Tree Tops
Author: Kagrama
Added: 14/10/2002

Tree Tops is a platform/puzzle game with a unique twist. You control Billum, a forest ball who lives hiiiiigh up in the treetops. You get hungry one day and are forced to search for good food, like apples, and avoid bad food, like lemons.

Gameplay: The gameplay is unusual and probably a first. You don't control Billum at all, he naturally moves around on his own, and changes direction when he hits a wall. However, you're in control of a small block that you can use to create new blocks on the map to help Billum grab fruit or even extra time. (Hourglasses.) You can either create a normal block, or a movement block that tells Billum to move in a certain direction. These blocks disappear after a while.

Graphics: The graphics are fairly simplistic, but nicely done. Again, it's not the graphics that make the game.

Playability: The game is playable, but Billum can sometimes get stuck inbetween two blocks if he starts to fall into them.

Overall: Tree Tops is not a fantastic epic, but it's a great puzzle game. I'd recommend you download it.


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