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Review: Pro Trolley
Author: Zap{Zapdude Productions}
Added: 27/10/2002

This is a very good and spaced out game. But I get the feeling that this is one of the games
that I usually see everywhere. There is a game I played it was called stealth prankster it sounded really good but when I played it it got so repetitive and was boring me to death. BUT...
I am not dissing your game that would be sad seeing as your a newbie
(so am i!! but for making games i'm intermediate) but if it's one of your beginning games your making you need encouragement to make more nobody is expecting you to make half-life. After all my first game that I ever made was snake and that was just coloured squares moving around.
The game I have just played is a very good game and impressed me as this is the first games I have downloaded form "the daily click". If you are going to make a sequel lets see MORE variety in gameplay, after all..that's what basically makes a game a game right?


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