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Review: Swordstar (demo)
Author: ACE_Spark
Added: 28/10/2002

AndyUk's new game in production, and it's first screenshots looked impressive, but did they match up to the gameplaty? Read on.

Story - You are a orange ball with a sword, and you are out to kill red balls with guns, and enter warp points. That's all I can tell at the moment.

Graphics - As always with Andy, there are some very nice retro graphics here. The sprite of the character is well animatied, not quite fluid, but I never did think that characters should be TOO fluid. The backgrounds look very neat, and are detailed well, except detail is missing in places in the 2nd level when you go underground. The warps are the only thing bad about these graphics.

Sound FX - Sad to say, there aren't any sound fx. None.

Music - He used Ristar music for the title screen! Yay! Anyway, some very nice choices here, and they suit down to the ground.

Difficulty - So far, the game is easy. There isn't any thing hard about the game at the moment. But that's soon to change, knowing Andy.

Gameplay - The game plays very well at the moment. SS holds a magical sword in his hand, and you can shoot in 8 directions (correctly) and you shoot at enemies to kill them. Not totally original, but it plays well.

Controls - Good enuf.

Right, so far the game looks like it could go far. Carry on the good work, here's some bugs I found:

If you die, and start the game again, you enter the game invincible.
On the 2nd level, if you fall in the water, you do not die, you fall down to the bottom of the screen.

The game is looking good so far, just doesn't have that much sparkle. No special effects. No sparkle. Add some.. Make it look GOOD. Overwise it's average.


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