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Review: Fireball .:2:. Full version
Author: Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy]
Added: 29/10/2002


I think that everybody knows that I love to make and play break-out games, so of course Iíve played Fireball 2 too. The game is very big, 26MB wow!! This is big for a break-out game so I expected much. However there was big problem, when I started the game my monitor couldínt change to the resolution of the game! Lucky I knew how to play the game in a window: I had to add ĖNOF to the target of the shortcut.


My first impression was mixed. The graphic of the 2 logos in the start of the game are good, but why do you have to put the little nag screen in the play screen? You only have to wait 5 seconds, so who is going to donate 1$? The graphics of the main screen is again good, but the windows buttons, radio buttons, input screen, etc. are not beautiful, I mean if active objects, strings, etc. have been used then it would have increased the feeling of a good game. The music is great. The in-game graphics are strange, but they are well made.


I find it difficult to control the ball, but maybe itís the point of the game. Itís a nice idea to use spells in the game. Sometimes the ball flies through the walls, and thatís very annoying, the ball was supposed to be saved!


Iím afraid that this is not a game that you want to play over and over again. Itís fun for a while, but you die too fast and thatís very annoying. Of course you want to try again, but after a while you are really bored, because the game doesnít offer more satifaction. There is one thing that could give you more satisfaction and thatís the Fireball 2 custom levels, which can be made in the Fireball world editor, which is a great piece of job!


This game is a nice break-out game, but a good one? No I donít think so. The graphics are cool, but strange, that no problem, but the gameplay is just not good enough, the custom levels are cool to made and play though!


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