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Author: Muz
Added: 30/10/2002

Wow, this is a cute little ditty. Too bad it's not really as good as the title sounds. The game's about as simple as it looks and sounds.

The arcade mode was a good old classic shooter where you get to shoot at little spaceships(those are spaceships, right?) heading in your direction and in the same direction as you're going. More fun than it sounds, but still OK.

The pacman fever mode, however was...well... not as good. It's a few pacman(or rather, pacmen) running from all sides and you gotta stop them to make sure that not more than 20 of em get past. ain't too fun here.

I also got to the hidden mode. Yet another disappointment. I mean, it was cool and all, but no points there . I didn't have the time to check it out fully yet. I'll not reveal too much details on it. Find it out's not too hard to find.

For the arcade mode, I'd give it a 6.
For the pacman fever mode, I'll give a 3.
For the hidden mode, another 3.
No, I'm not gonna do the average . I'll just pick the highest score coz the other modes are just add-ons.

The graphics are simple, yet cool. The music had that good old classic arcade game feel. I especially liked the stuff leading into the hidden mode.
7 points here.

Hmm..I got bored of this after 20 minutes.
3 points.

Nice arcade game, good presentation, yet it gets boring most arcade games. I'm not too big a fan of arcade games this decade, but this game isn't low enough to be considered newbie-ish, yet it's not good enough to be professional. It's...average.
5 points


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