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Review: Blobb
Author: Muggus
Added: 02/11/2002

I should be entirely honest to start this review...I haven't finished the game, therefore there might be a few things that I'm missing, but i'll just give credit where it's due, and try not to subtract any marks...sounds fair right.

Throughout my Click gaming career (illustrious as it may be) i've come across many a platform game, of which are of different qualities and varieties, and I probably have to admit, i'm more of the shoot 'em up type gamer, even when it comes to platformers, so naturally Blobb isn't exactly my 'ideal' game.
But it's just take a little time with a well made game for me to get much so? on and find out...

Essentially the game is about skill of not just timing but strategy. No, I have not gone insane, to make the most out of this game you have to be observant.
The idea of the game is to collect stars, easy right? Most of these stars you can get by jumping on a whole range of wierd and wonderful creatures. These stars are also available for those how fancy themselves a bit of a platformer pro to use the environment around them, which may include using the creatures, to get the allusive star. The other way you can go about gettng stars is to finish the level in quick time and get a bonus for it, which never tends to be easy when it's so tempting to jump on creatures heads.
The game kind of goes in that fashion for the majority, with new creatures and features to keep you interested. For those who tend to let the creatures get the best of them, the levels tend to get a bit repetitious at times, fair punishment for being so bad!
A few bones to pick with the gameplay itself however. The movement itself is obviously uses the in-built platform movement, which although works, tends to look pretty shabby with it's flaws, and also makes the game a bit easier. There are also a few little issues with creatures going of the screen, and well as the ability to do so with the character itself. I think there should be more of a rush in the game, it seems very easy to simply leisurely move around with the timer going down. The timer should be emphasised in some way, by either making it possibly to subtract stars or give more reward, something like that could possbibly spice things up a little.
Nothing major as far as problems go, but looses a bit of credit to gameplay which is almost faultless in other aspects.

I must say i'm very impressed with the game graphics. They look really cute, which may or may not be a good thing, but they work well and have decent animation. Makes it appealling towards a younger audience I think.
No spectucular, but doesn't try to be.
The sounds were not too bad, suit the graphics and game itself, and don't seem to be too repetitive.
The music is also decent, almost comical, but fast paced, sets the mood for the game well.
The overall presentation goes very well, and there is little to fault, because it doesn't try to bamboozle the player in anyway.

The game itself is given an arcade edge with the highscore, and really makes the player interested in not only getting further in the game, but wanting to get more stars. So there is replay value there, that will keep players coming back.
One other thing that caught my eye was the online Vitalize! version of the game, which will no doubt bring a bit of competition to the game, and make players who wish to emulate their success on their computers online have something to work towards. This makes for a worthwhile experience on and offline with the game, probably more so online however.

I think the only one word I can use the fully encapsulate this game would have to be solid. The presentation is next to flawless for the mood of the game, the highscore and Vitalize! version of the game make for replay value and competition, and the gameplay, although very good, brings the game down a bit. This is not say, the game is very good and I would recommend that is played, particularly online.
A fun game presented in an almost flawless manner, what else can you ask for?


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