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Review: Pi
Author: HOSJ
Added: 05/11/2002

PI. A name that made me click on that link almost as soon as I saw it. I was dissapointed, however you can tell that a lot of effort went into this game. Now then, the review.

PRESENTATION: 8/10. That was great, the beginning screens blew me away... well... not really, but they were great. The in-game graphics were good too. The rainbow ball idea was cool, but you needed to have it so it would not cover up the circle.

GAMEPLAY: 1/10 for 1 player, 9/10 multiplayer. Either boring monotony, or fun-fest. Depends on whether you have friends.

LASTABILITY: 3/10. I did not play this long because there is not much to do. Nice effort, but this could be better.

OVERALL: 6/10. Fun for a while.... OKAY OKAY ILL RECOMMEND IT!.... yeah......


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