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Review: Castelo
Author: Isaac
Added: 05/11/2002

Remember Klik and Play? Remeber how fun it was to play all those included games that other people made? Wasn't that cool?
Jump ahead 8 years. Castelo, an action/adventure game from Daily Click newbie Juan has brought us his debut entry into the Click. The graphics are rather familiar, since they are liberally 'borrowed' from Klik's Romeo.
The player controls a hero whose mission (should he choose to accept it) is to collect what appear to be floating question marks into order to continue the game. Collecting all the marks opens the door, which leads to another level of mark collecting. Not very exciting, but it tends to have a cute "this is just like my first game" quality to it.
At least for me, anyway.
As far a music and sound go, it is rather lacking. Very lacking, actually, since there is NO music or sound to be found at all in the game (in the first two levels, anyway. Thats how far I got).
All in all, we must all remember that we all started somewhere, and with some practice and a little skill, Juan's career in kliking will be a promising one.

Highs: Strange feeling of....something when I played.

Lows: Very difficult; no sound; almost no incenitive to continue after the first frame.

Final Verdict: Play the original Romeo instead.


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