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Review: Mega Shock Troopers Version 1.1 Patch
Author: Jon Chambers
Added: 08/11/2002

I just finnished the game, so I think I sould write a review for those who still don't know if it's worth the download.

This game is packed with variety. They have many different types of gameplay. The perfect substitute for lack of depth in ONE type of gameplay.

Now, this may look like the sort of game that would bug you, but it's simple to finnish. So you're on to the next bit before you can get bored of the current bit.

There's nothing really outstanding about this game, but on the other side of the coin, nothing really bugs me about this game. It's just an okay game.

I recommend you should download it. You'll finnish it before you get sick of it. Just remember, to get in the hovercraft, press SPACE.


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