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Review: Worm 2001
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 20/11/2002

This is a great little game, worthy of replacing Solitaire in the "Lunch-break time-wasters" choice of games. Anyone who's owned a mobile phone (evil devices that they are, but then that's just me) will be familiar with this - guide a snake around collecting "fruit" (or doughnuts or whatever they are), getting longer until eventually you hit a wall and die.

And that death effect is the best bit of the game! Slightly over-the-top, perhaps, but very good looking nonetheless. Trouble is, the game starts very suddenly (a Ready? prompt would have been good) and the speed of the snake can't be changed.

As for music and sound, the music is just MIDI conversions of Lemmings music for the most part. For sound, you get a "burp" hen you collect an item, a "smack" when you hit the wall, and that's about it.

The only bug I found was a slight problem with the high score table - if you go to it from the title screen it sometimes asks you to put your name in again. Good stuff, all the same.


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