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Review: Battlo
Author: DeadmanDines
Added: 22/11/2002

It's ok, but could do with a few improvements:

1. Try replacing the library graphics with your own work - if you're not too good at drawing on the computer, try asking for a graphics designer to help you on the forum. It's kind of a major TGF/MMF user thing that they hate playing games which use the library graphics... which is kind of odd, since they're there for you to use, but there we go. It's a sign of your originality.
2. I understand this is a demo, but make sure that there is a titlescreen and a help/instructions screen in the full version. These are mainly just menus and things, as well as explanations of the controls and your objectives.
3. Since the gameplay changes depending on the level (eg: some levels in a tank) please try adding a description of what to do in each level as a brief screen that comes up before each level starts.
4. Health meters for both players. Just little counters at the side will do, but remember that you need to let the player know which counters do which.

Plus points: Being my usual self I'm always sure to search for good points in any game I play, and to be honest, I found quite a few:
1. Fun (seriously, it is)
2. Challenging (some of the levels, such as the tank one, are quite difficult, and do prompt you to think about what you're doing. Again, a description of what to do would be nice though)
3. Idea is a good one (dropping bombs on objects may not be the most original idea in the world, but hey, it works, and it works well).

All in all? Needs a bit of work, I think, but with a bit of Tender Loving Care has the potential to be a very good game. If you want any more suggestions or help, just send me an email/PM me, and I'll do what I can.


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