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Review: Dodgeball
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 22/11/2002

This game surprised me. A game where the only objective is to dodge balls being thrown at you doesn't sound like much fun.

And indeed it isn't, at least for the first couple of levels. Then the pace picks up and it gets more challenging... different speeds, multiple balls, unusual angles. I "died" more than a couple of times on some of the levels before passing them.

This is an unusual criticism, but the backgrounds on the boss levels really hurt my eyes. They could have been made less garish... but then it is 42 minutes past midnight, so maybe it's just me just now.

(I just realised I forgot how to spell "unusual". It really is late, this is the last review I'm doing today...)

Anyway, this is a very original concept, if simple. It's actually quite addictive in the "I'm going to get past this level if it takes me until Christmas" kind of way. The way you're sent back to the start of the level each time you fail makes it a bit of a memory test, though, especially on the last level.

I look forward to more from Nico Productions in the future...


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