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Review: Plingbler v.1.2
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 26/11/2002

Well, I've reviewed all the other Snake games, Worm games or whatever you want to call them that were released recently (with the exception of my own one, of course), so I think it's only fair to give this one a try as well...

First impressions were good. The game asks whether you want to use full screen mode or not, which is very handy for my monitor because it gets up to all sorts of mischief when it's asked to do anything more complex than running Windows at 800x600 (full screen anything included). After that I was greeted with a Sonic MIDI - they seem to be very popular among fellow Clickers - and taken to the main menu.

Now... customizability, to coin a phrase - that's what I like to see, and this game had a perfectly adequate amount of it. The speed of the snake can be changed to provide a greater or easier challenge, and there are even three different modes to play in. All good so far.

This is a very "picky" point, but the up/down arrows that set speed are the wrong way round - UP decreases the speed, and DOWN increases it, rather than the other way round as you'd expect. As I said, though, this is a very minor detail noticeable to none but the most pedantic (i.e. me).

On to the main game - the first mode I tried was the simple "Levels" mode. It uses an impressive engine, from the player's point of view, certainly - this one is grid-based. There's a " However, unless I'm completely incompetent, there isn't an "objective" shown to the player at the start of each level, so you don't know how many red dots you have to eat before the level ends. It doesn't matter much, of course, as all you have to do anyway is collect enough red dots to advance. The background MID is a remix of one of the musics from FF6 if I'm right - it's nice enough without being too intrusive, so no complaints at all there.

"With obstacles" is exactly the same as the first mode, but with (wait for it) green dots which block you. They add to the gameplay, though. Finally came the "Endless" mode, which as you'd expect from the name just carries on until you die.

One thing that's slightly annoying is that the game doesn't remember the settings (speed and game mode) that you enter on the main menu, so you have to put them back in each time you start a new game.

This is a great Snake game - as you can see, I really had to nit-pick to find anything that was actually wrong with it. Certainly worth the 0.5MB download, even if it is just a "coffee break" kind of game without much longevity. But after all, isn't that the whole point of Snake games?

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