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Review: FLATWORLD - dawn of man ( NEW DEMO)
Author: TS Team
Added: 27/11/2002

"Definetly a big improvement from the last demo!"

Overall Review:
When I started playing this game, I noticed that the bug in which your mouse would disappear stuck outside of the window was fixed which was a major plus in my ratings. The great intro screen greeted me in a pleasurable way. While the different modes of gameplay made this game one of the most advanced I've seen.
Many options and alot of gameplay to choose from. Alot of campaign levels and a highly playable freebuild mode. This game had a big sound stack of music and effects which made the game higher than fun rather than no sounds which is boring. Only minor bugs were found, and the engine of this game was welled designed.

Alot of fun and it get's harder testing your strategistic skills...(or whatever). Minor bugs were found, like when the guard would stop for no reason once so ever and not walk to the targetted flag you would put on the ground as of where you would want the selected character to go. As for the level of programming, I would say it's average standards. Great results so far, hope to see the full engine soon.

Highly, fully original graphics were another plus sign on this awesome game. Cartoony, or as some say, zaney, characters with well animated frames. The trees were well drawn and the hills were well placed although were highly simplicity...(or whatever). Nicely done level design and many other features such as night time. Well chosen color and tools. A nice job well done!

I would say that Flatworld had average set of sounds and music. Introduction music and alot of sound effects were heard by me, although I don't realy pay any attention to the sound. The sound did make this game more funner if you asked me. I guess they were original, but it doesn't realy matter because they were well-chosen! Great job at the sound and music!

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Sound and Music:

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