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Review: Fighting Game Engine
Author: TS Team
Added: 28/11/2002

Overall Review:
I would say, this game has a big command list! Very high-tech like and the AI is very impresive! Although, one thing that was a minus is that the AI still interacts and fights back even when you're already dead. That needs to be fixed. Nice job other than that, but the AI keeps using repeated punches which is a little annoying. Needs more sounds and it seems like he characters don't speak or aren't even real! Nice try, anyways!

Kinda buggy, but kool. I suggest a little more work and a little less command lines. There are other ways, your using the hard way. You also need "more" command lines for stopping the AI when the person is already dead. Also, maybe a little animation for the winning champion? Great job at the engine, nevertheless.

What can I say? They're pre-rendered. All pre-rendered graphics are usualy great but these are much greater. Nice graphics. You could maybe even get a job with Activision or some sort. Kool, and also, kool, then I would!!!

One sound I heard through-out the game was just a bash type of effect. YOU NEED MORE! This is just an open source, so I guess it doesn't realy matter. Nevertheless, you should at least finish it so it can be one of the top tens which I predict if it were finish.

First Reaction:
"I like this shit! Nice job...kool...I won!"

Final Quote:
Nice for an open source, but needs more work!
P.S. Hope to see more work in the future, and I will see more work in the future...OR ELSE! X) Only kidding...

TS Team

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