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Review: Billy's Adventure
Author: Sean J. Nichols
Added: 29/11/2002

Presentation: The graphics aren't anything special and I must admit a lot of it is quite corney....but then's nice to have some childish humor in my life and this game makes old child-hood fallacies come back to life. This game may rip off sound/music/and other ideas that anyone could easily notice, but then it parades radically new ideas to blend in with the ideas we are very accustomed to.

Gameplay: Overall I can see a lot of work in it in some areas. It mostly plays like an old Mario game, but attributes tons of other ideas from other games like Sonic. The boss was sorta overly easy too...but oh well.

Graphics: Nothing specials. I did like how the skyline made a transition in colours in one part of the game...but besides that the graphics were nothing special honestly.

Sound and Music: Every single score of music or SFX you WILL recognize.

Lastability: This game does succeed in being actually quite entertaining. I will maybe play it again for the fun of it. It delivers entertainment that won't make you sleep and you won't find yourself yelling at the screen. I do suggest downloading this game, it's worthy of a play.

Overall: It's childish and cheezy in appearance, but when you break it down and analize it deeper you can see some work and talent was put into it.

I would like to say one thing though:
When making an object falling of screen (I.E. dead ghosts), make sure to go into "Object Preferences" with the active object, then to the "Extra" tab. Make sure to deselect the check for "Inactive Object if far from window".

Sound and Music:

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