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Review: Tops the pig compilation
Author: TS Team
Added: 03/12/2002

Overall Review:
With the slick, un-professional movement engine, this game CAN go wrong. Although it has great, or should I say neat, graphics, the movement engine is rather poor. Tops 1 has very little sounds, and the platform movement is worse than ever! Tops 2 has a better platform movement, but it's still poor standards. Try to make a custome movement, please. The Tops 2 Plus has a way better platform movement since he slowed down the decelleration. Although it has a better movement engine, it still lack other things like sound, effects, and effort. Well, better luck next time, but I rate this game average.

Well, it was rather "amusing" and a little fun. It was filled with many bugs. It kind've reminds me of my own game, Dark Striker. Now I know why poeple complained about my platform movement so much. Fix the bugs, then publish it. A great job at trying though.

Nice and neat. At Tops best, this is the best of the three games. It has colorful, neatly stacked graphics and backdrops. The character was rather Mario-Sonic-like and very well animated. Trees were well colored for a round effect and very nice platforms. Great job at the graphics!

Not very many, although it has plenty of midis. A rather small collection I would say. This needs more improvement. Although Tops 1 and Tops 2 had a great deal of sounds, Tops 2 Plus had very few. I think it only had music. Well, it's kind've boring like that, so better improve a great deal on this topic.

1. Sometimes you can walk on the air (rim of the frame where you're suppose to fall off.

2. You can die by touching a block with hidden spikes in it. Very annoying.

Recommend Downloading:
Yes, I wouldn't recommend it greatly, but it's well-worth a try. Thank you for reading my review!

Final Quote:
Needs minor tweek-ups here and there, and this game will be great! Try again!

Christopher Long of TS Team


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