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Review: Downhill Racer 2
Author: Georgie
Added: 11/12/2002


Well other than the company logo, there is none. But I did like the music and logo of the company.


This is basically a dodgem type game but as a person on a scooter type object going downhill while not getting hit by enemies. This would have been fine and fun if it wasn't the exact same thing the entire time. The enemies are composed of a tree ( or tree shaped object ) and a rock (or rock shaped object). And they just keep appearing, those two things. And all they do is move straight up. Except a level where the badguys are people that move up at a faster rate and kill the traffic cones they touch.

But the thing that kills this game is that its really just the same game over and over. After playing the first 10 seconds, well you've seen the entire game. No new types of badguys or even the track and objects moving faster.

I think that at least, I only played about 2 minutes of each level.


Simple graphics that match eachother so that they look decent and good. The background in'st anything special but one color that goes with the theme.

Sound Music

The music is nice and good music for each track and goes with the game great. Its not even the type of music that makes you want to kill yourself after the 10th time you hear it.


Not much at all


Well, if this game either gets harder as time passes by, or at least gets more enemies (that do different stuff other than flying up) as time passes by, then this game could be much better. Other wise its not really that fun to play for me. But it is a good example of good game you could make if you spent some time on it.

Sound and Music:

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