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Review: South Park Snowboarding
Author: Shme (Stupid Liar)
Added: 09/01/2003

This is a nice simple game for some fun or a South park fan, a younger one. It doesn't give more than it is said by the designer himself in the decription. At first I thought "argh...south park..not another one" but this is really more snowboarding than SP. So thumbs up, all four of them. In the overall standings I give it one or two points more because of the designers age

There's not much to presentation here. The intro screen is a ordinary logo screen. The menus are nice and contain all needed info. Nothing more than simplicity there.

Snowboarding, hmm. It comes down to this: go left and right and avoid trees while trying to jump on the bumps. One player mode is rather boring, as only goal seems to be getting a better board. There are 4 of them, and the seem to slide sideways faster, and that is not so needed. Two player mode, with more than just Kenny, gives a little bit more. Also there are only few tricks to do and they all score the same. Bumps come down the screen slower that the trees. That looks unrealistic.

They are simple, but nicely done. Snow could have some blue or grey shades, pure white is an eye killer. Characters are nice...or I'm still not fed up with South Park.

Sound & Music
Sound is nice as well as the music. Maybe there should be more of it, especially I think every trick should have a sound.

If you want to get the best board you'll have to play a bit.If tricks gave more points I would have playyed it for longer. Rather than that only two player mode is worth coming back to.

Sound and Music:

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