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Review: Bulbz
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 14/01/2003

It's going to be difficult to write 1500 characters on this, but I'll give it a go.

The game can be summed up by a sentence that appears in the Readme file for it: "Sounds easy but it is not." I couldn't agree more. The basic idea of the game has been around for a while, and I remember having essentially the same game on an Amstrad years and years ago - you have to light up bulbs by clicking on them. Each time you click, the four bulbs surrounding that bulb also light up to form a cross shape - or, if any were already on, they toggle off again. The target is to have all of the bulbs on the screen lit up.

And it's totally impossible. Well, for mere mortals like myself that is. To be honest I'm not really the type of person who knows how to solve puzzles such as this, and I could never complete the Amstrad version either, and that was just a five by five grid. This one is ten by ten.

Fortunately you're given help in the form of nine "super clicks" that you can use to light bulbs, ignoring whether they were turned on already or not. Trouble is, this adds a vast amount to your score, and it feels like cheating in a way.

The game caused a Divide error a few times I played it - clicking in the corners seems to have something to do with it. Perhaps the engine's not perfect, but the programming is certainly impressive, and for the most part it runs without any problems whatsoever.

There is no music in the game, and there's no real need for it. Every time you click or superclick a bulb you're treated to a sound effect, and that's just about it.

Sadly for me, I couldn't complete the puzzle, so I might be missing out on the spectacular end sequence that you're rewarded with. <-) Lastability is far longer than you might expect, as the puzzle's just so difficult... I'm expecting hundreds of e-mails from Clickers to come in after this, mocking me and detailing exactly how _they_ solved it.

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