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Review: Stick Fighter
Author: AsparagusTrevor
Added: 16/01/2003

Stick Fighter is... "A good fighting game with good graphics. It's pretty advanced."

Well, I'd have to disagree on that. Stickmen that fight. The author says that's the intended theme, although I'd call it a lazy method of creating a game without having to spend time on graphics.

Having said that, only the characters in Stick Fighter are actually stickmen. The background graphics are adequate enough, 3D rendered scenery and gun turret things. The stickmen have no walking animation, although the kicking is well animated. There is no death animation for the enemies, they just disappear.

Sound and Music
There were sounds?!? Didn't really notice much going on in the aural department, a swish noise, a punch noise and a laser sound I think was all I heard. Bit of sampled music at the start. That was all.

Hmm. Now, there is a one player version and a 2 player one. The two player game is your basic beat em up game. And I mean basic. A punch, a kick and a special are the only moves you have. The one player game is an extremely small plaform game where you have about 3 enemies to kill. When you kill them, that's it, nothing happens. No "Yay! You completed it!" or anything, you are just stuck on the level with nothing to do. And the unchangable controls made the game harder than it should be because the controls were so damn weird.

The menu on this game is extremely basic, and the logos are just normal text. The presentation seems to me has had little time spent on it.

I gave it a shot, I played the one player and the two player modes once through and then I deleted it. I didn't feel like playing it more than once.

It seems to me either very little effort has gone into this, or it was made when the author was still new to kliking. Either way, this is nothing spectacular. For a good Klik beat em up, get Deadly Tournament instead.

Sound and Music:

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