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Review: PIGZ new edition
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 17/01/2003

The genre of this game isn't really correct (to be honest, it could hardly be more wrong), but there's not really a genre to describe this. The nearest would be Virtual Pet, though it's closer to Virtual Extermination.

The basic objective is to place pigs in to an initially almost blank environment, and place objects for them to interact with. In fact, that's the only objective. Most of these objects involve blowing the pigs up. Naturally, I've always wanted to do this, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find that not only can you explode them, you can also boot them across the environment, get them savaged by a hungry wolf or just frazzle them into bacon with the aid of a lightning cloud.

Seriously, this game is amusing, but you're not going to play it more than once (unless you've got a particularly boring lunch break to waste time in). The graphics are mostly straight from GFactory, but what's there is well drawn. However, there are more than a few Hot Spot problems, and the mouse cursor often slides behind an object on the playfield and even some of the buttons.

The controls aren't explained either, so I'll give them here: Right-click = Pick up object, Left-click = Place object. That's it.

The music's nice enough, a soft synth-style MIDI. What little sound there is (explode, explode II, explode III, squeal of pig as it's caught in an explosion, etc etc) is suitable as well.

It's actually quite a laugh for a few minutes, but there's no variety there at all and it'll be off your hard drive in no time. Good attempt, though.

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