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Review: Bob - The Hamburger
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 19/01/2003

If this is a first attempt, it's a good one.

The introduction is done in a Star Wars style, with the plot scrolling up the screen. Getting rid of the slightly distracting flashing "Press space to skip the story" after a few seconds might have been a good idea, though.

The plot isn't in the best English I've seen but is perfectly understandable, if more than a little strange. It tells the story of a planet called Qearth on which the dominant race is that of hamburgers. Don't look at me, I didn't write it. Anyway, one fine morning the king of the burgers (The Burger King - d'oh!) is kidnapped, and it's your quest as Bob to save him from certain... flame-grilling, or something.

The game takes the form of an RPG, with individual locations dotted around the world map - which you move too slowly on if you ask me. The graphics are well-drawn, if "stylised", and in some places they're better than others: for example, the way that the gate on the world map vanishes when you unlock it could have been better.

Combat is not resolved in "RPG-type" battles, but instead in an old fighting game style side-on view. While it's not exactly up to the Tekken standard, it's certainly more involving, but having more attacks would have made it less basic. As it is, combat seems very unfair as there's pretty much no way to avoid being hit by the enemies, so you just have to pummel away faster than they do.

It's of decent length, but the author misjudged the difficulty of the game. It would be good to see something of this type again, maybe with a better combat system, and a save feature would help as well.

Very good game for a first attempt, anyway. A few improvements here and there and I think you're on to a winner.

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