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Review: Train Simulation beta 1.1
Author: Eric
Added: 25/01/2003

Sim games are always interesting to play, it usually takes a lot to make me not like a sim. I'm not saying I don't like this, I really don't have a right to since its only a demo. A lot of change can come from demo and full version. That is why I won't completely hate on this game. However it couldn't hurt to go under some major bug testing, and additionally features and such. For one, this game has library graphics, It wouldnt matter so much, but with all the bugs and what not creates a very unpleasant experience. This can be justified if the programmer has horrible graphical skills, but at least an effort is all I ask. Also, when I tried to move up and down while I was moving it just shook a little and stayed on the track it was origanally on. Also the train cars seemed to seperate and disperse amongst the track when I had finally managed to move from different tracks. The gameplay is alright, try to dodge the obstacles and make it through the level without destroying the train. Which, unless other stuff is adding might get a little linear. Apparently there is no sound or music, I know its only demo so this will most definetly change. The lastability of this game would probubly be really good if it werent for all the bugs. Its presentations was somewhat cluttered at first but finally when it got started it was open and clear. It would not be fair of me to give this game a 2 or 1, because its only demo. I expect more to change if I review the final version if it is ever released.

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