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Author: Eric
Added: 27/01/2003

Let me start off by saying, although a 3d engine may be admired since GF doesnt have a a built-engine. People admire the effort put in to create the illusion of a 3d engine. But in my oppinion, 3d games in GF will most of the time turn out horrible and boring.
Bugs like players overlapping walls and weird movement glitches keep this game from being even remotely average. The walls look horrid which somewhat resembles a bunch of squares put together like dominoes. The sprites have little or no animations and the whole experience is unpleasing. The presentation is only fair, the screen seems cluttered and sloppy, poor graphics wise.
The gameplay would be alright if you could see whats going on, or if you if your running into a wall or not. I also suggest that if you make a "3d game" in TGF then put it in a window, in full screen it just doesnt move fluidly, or smooth at all. The selection of guns is a good idea, but there all pretty much the same. The particle effects are somewhat entertaining to watch.
The sound and music arent too great, I believe the title screen is a library song, and the gunshots are average. I would be entertained if the thing whatever it is,(which appears to be some sort of nosegoblin) screamed or made comments of agony as you shot, "all my leg, my beautiful leg" or "here comes nosegoblin!"
The lastability isnt to great since I cant really tell whats going on. Anything can be saved, but this needs a lot of work. My philosophy on 3d games in TGF, better to leave 3d games to engines and programs that can handle it, then create something like this. Good Day.

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