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Review: fishhead 2
Author: Sigurd
Added: 30/01/2003

Well this is my first review and how lucky am I to review a great game to the kliking community such as Fishhead. I was astounded after downloading it to find that no-one had reviewed this game, when in fact, it as good or better, in many ways then Fishhead 3.

On to the Review:

After loading the game, I was greeted by the Logo of Fishheadís company and a short clip. The clip was drawn in a cartoon format and gave us the outline of the story. It then went into the main screen (which is nicely presented), giving me the option to start the main game, go through a tutorial or a mini game. I choose the Main game since I had already familiarized myself the basics of the game with the Fishhead 3 demo.

The main outline:

The style of Fishhead 3 is very similar to itís predecessor Fishhead 2. In some cases it seems exactly the same as the 3rd one but not as smooth and detailed.


What can I say about the graphics? They are lush and you often find yourself pausing throughout the game, just to gaze at them. All of the characters look exactly the same as the ones we were acquainted by in the Fishhead 3 demo.


In Fishhead 3 I thought the sound was strange and didnít seem to suite it. In Fishhead 2 the background music suited the game for with more energetic tunes rather then those slow placid ones used in Fishhead 3.

Game play:

The game play is very smooth and very enjoyable. I think in some cases the levels are too easy and should be harder. The bosses too should have been more of a challenge but instead I never lost a life fighting them. Although in the latter levels it does get a little challenging.


I think that Fishhead 2 is a great game that seems to have been overlooked by the flush of other games. I think the major let down is how easy it is, but then again there are quite a few challenging levels. It deserves a lot more then many of the currently popular games on the Daily Click. Perhaps because of this review people will download it and become as well known as Fishhead 3.

Sound and Music:

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