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Review: Solo Soldier: Episode One
Author: Sigurd
Added: 31/01/2003

Solo Soldier is an interesting game because it is different. You actually play as a woman rather then a male figure and it makes it interesting to see someone not always follow the trend to have males with bulging muscles etc. Itís odd to see a shoot em up have a woman be the main character. I mean there were only a few successful titles that had a woman as the main character. Most notably of all has to be the famous Lara Croft.

Basic Overview (Game play):

The game is in birdís eye view and has cartoon style graphics. The game play is intriguing and at times very challenging to play. Although after a bit of practice youíll be rampaging through terrorist cells, blowing people apart and all that good stuff.


The menu, well actually there is no menu, itís just the overview of the mission and the storyline up until the mission. Anyway, the text in the storyline up until the mission has a line of words layered upon another sentence. So I had to squint for a while to figure out what they were saying.


The graphics are quite nice with some nice blood affects and some cool guns. The characters are well drawn but not the mouth-watering type. There are certain parts of the game where it gets really dark. It gets so dark that I cant read how many bullets I have.


The sounds were quite basic. Some all right background music (Not annoying like some music) and the gunshots are just like most gunshot noises. Thatís pretty much it in the way of sound.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

The AI is at some times quite funny. When I begin shooting a guy another guy in another room starts banging against the wall, trying to get to me.


All in all Solo Soldier is a good game. It has good game play, nice graphics and challenging, at times, hair-pulling difficulty. Since these factors exist, it should make it a popular game in the kliking community. Then again, sometimes the good games never grace the front page or achieve game of the week. All they get is the admiration of a few people and for them that is enough to carry on the struggle to create a great game.

Sound and Music:

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