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Review: Bubble Blast
Author: Hobnob
Added: 05/02/2003

After reading Sigurd's review I thought I had better moan about Bubble Blast as well. But after playing it, I found it difficult to complain. Sigurd's review doesn't do Bubble Blast justice. I admit, it's not without it's faults but give it a chance.

The presentation is pretty smart. It suits the type of gameplay very well, not too simple, and not too complicated.

The gameplay is very simple. But that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Even if you donít look at the help section, you could get to grips with it in about 10 seconds, even people who play stuff like this everyday of their life (e.g. me) will still have fun. It's far too easy at the start, even a blind man could get to level 5. Expert players would probably end up in hospital because most the time you have to press 'shift' as fast as you can which caused my wrist to go completely dead. But other than that, it's pretty good.

The graphics are cool. The ship is nice, the bubbles look nice and the background looks nicer. Top stuff!

The sounds arenít that riveting, but what would you expect. A few extra sound effects and the choice to have music playing would have been nice. But that didn't really bother me too much.
Bubble Blast will last for ages if it was in an online arcade. I would really like to compete against my mates for the high score. But on your own, it won't last long. A quick play here and there, but nothing else.

Overall, it's quite good, especially when you consider it was made in just two days. Not without it's problems, but it's good while it lasts. Well done Mark!

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