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Review: Save the Earth I: Chapter II
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 09/02/2003

Ah, good to be back where I belong - reviews. As said in the comments, the game is 4.01MB, not KB (though this was pretty unlikely anyway). It's justified, though - there are no unnecessary files in the ZIP, and the GAM file alone takes up over 12MB.

Now, I'm sorry to say that after downloading the 4MB file you're faced with a pretty hideous sight. Most of the graphics are taken from the standard GFactory libraries. Now, there's nothing wrong with that in itself, but it's the way that they're used that I have a problem with - the ships, for example, are resized and very pixellated. They also seem to be flying, even though they're perfectly stationary on the hangar floor.

Bumping into a Trooper started a conversation. For a laugh, I selected the second option - "I don't go with you" - which to my lasting surprise ended the game immediately. I could have just deleted it there and then, but I restarted and pressed on instead.

After selecting the "correct" option I was given a password (Mars, if you're interested). That's right - you're given a password after selecting one option in a conversation. I think a story section came next, but I can't be sure as it used an obscure font which my computer interpreted as: Treble clef, semiquaver rest, double bar line, and so on. Quite why it should do this I'm not sure, I'll have a quiet word with it later.

Next came a Myst-style adventuring section (and I use the term "Myst-style" loosely). In fact, that musical font was used by my computer throughout the game. I couldn't help but feel that it would have been easier to understand if it was in Japanese, but then not everyone will have this problem. I'm not sure how many people it'll affect.

I blundered around at random and picked up a Keycard, which I then used to unlock a door (well, I don't actually know if it was locked. I might have used it to scrape away the congealed strawberry jam around the hinges to allow the door to open, I don't know). After a somewhat bizarre mini-game that involved shooting an alien (along with a vase, a dustbin and perhaps more) the style changed again.

I was given the message "Heya, John, plz kill the androidz here as soon as possible". It was sent by "E1337" as well. Hilarious. Feeling violated by the use of phonespeak in the text, I tried out the level - the objective was to hold down the right arrow key and belt the space bar as fast as possible. You know, like the days of finding secret passages in Doom.

The next level involved guiding a tiny, tiny sprite across a barren wasteland pursued by aliens, to the tune of Rondo by Somebody Or Other (correct me if I'm showing my ignorance of classical music). After that it was the end, with the only two non-GF musics in the whole game: In the Hall of the Mountain King and That Theme Off Star Wars, You Know The One.

I have no idea why the GAM is 12MB, it doesn't look as if there are that many graphics objects used in the game (unless the optimisation is awful). As an experiment this would have been OK to look at if it was smaller, but at 4MB it's not worth your time.

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